My favorite place in KC

If there is one place in Kansas City that has completely stolen my heart, it’s definitely this one:

For so many reasons Loose Park is one of the most beautiful, romantic places I’ve ever been. I became hooked on my first visit last summer right after I moved here, but I really fell in love during the fall…

Seriously, how beautiful is that?

The winter months at Loose Park were just as utterly breathtaking though. Even though much of the place’s color had been drained out, my favorite little getaway was still brimming with life and personality.

I’ve always felt that public parks speak well to a city’s culture, and Loose Park is no exception-it’s a great spot to people watch. On any given day there are drum circles to be heard, frisbee games to be played, ducks to be fed, and kites to be flown. This place makes my heart smile.

(Recognize that smaller row of trees in the background? They’re the same ones from the second photo!)

Now that spring is upon us and the days are officially getting longer, I can’t wait to see everything turn green again. In a few short months I’ll have officially observed an entire year’s worth of transformations at Loose Park…I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.

So excited to see what spring will bring!

Do you have a favorite park? If I had to choose, I’d probably pick Parque del Retiro in Madrid, but Central Park in NYC is pretty fab too 🙂


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