Overnight Oats

I don’t know about you, but I am just not hungry for breakfast right when I wake up. I always have to bring my breakfast to work with me, and usually don’t become hungry enough to eat it until almost lunch time. Pretty sure that defeats the whole purpose of eating breakfast in the morning to kickstart your metabolism, no?

Well, in an effort to simplify my morning routine today I made a bowl of overnight oats last night! Overnight oats have been floating around the blog world ever since I can remember, but for some reason I’ve never tried them. I tend to really enjoy a warm bowl of oatmeal so for the longest time, I just could not wrap my head around the thought of cold oats in the morning. I decided to take a risk last night, however, and I was so excited to wake up and skip out the door with my already-prepared breakfast. Until this happened….

Doh! It’s always the way, isn’t it? I didn’t cry…but I wanted to.

Anyway, I wasn’t even hungry when I got to work (naturally) but practically force-fed myself because I so badly wanted to try the breakfast that re-routed my entire morning.

The verdict? Loved them! Oh you creamy, luscious, sweet bowl of oats…MARRY ME.

Overnight Oats


1/4 cup dry oatmeal

6oz greek yogurt (I used honey flavored from TJ’s)

Splash of milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk <—– newest obsession)

Sliced banana

1 T peanut butter


Mix together dry oats, yogurt and milk and let sit in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, add more milk to achieve desired consistency while continuing to stir everything together. Top with sliced banana and peanut butter.

Have you ever tried overnight oats? 



5 thoughts on “Overnight Oats

  1. Yes! These are a great way to change things up. I’ve also been trying to get on board with another blogosphere favorite — oatmeal in the crockpot — but haven’t been impressed with any of the recipes I’ve tried so far.

  2. I used to read Healthy Living Blogs, but now I kind of hate them, so yes, I’ve tried them. They were pretty good, but I generally don’t prepare breakfast (way too lazy!) so I don’t eat them regularly or anything.

    (if you ask why I hate those blogs, it has to do with moving on to better and more interesting content and not being orthorexic.)

    • Hmm. I read a lot of healthy living blogs…and travel blogs, and fashion blogs…love them all! I’m sort of in a limbo phase with my blog. I’d love for it to be a “travel blog” but I fear it’s not too realistic at this point in my life 😦 Not sure if it has a category, but hopefully it doesn’t evolve into something you don’t like!

      • Ooh gosh, I just saw this … no, don’t worry! Please don’t take it as I think your blog is a HLB.

        Think of HLBs as the Self/Shape magazines of the blog world. Their “new” content is not usually new, and it’s usually repetitive. Like, did you know that you should lift weights as well as do cardio? Did you know that pizza is okay to eat and that you shouldn’t just fill up on 100-calorie snack packs? Duh. 🙂 Your blog is much more refreshing than that.

        I wish I could explain why I don’t like them, but it’s mainly the bigger ones. They are so self-important, and I’m not into that. Plus, I’m not friends with them (like I am with you–sorta kinda, right?), so I don’t really care that much about their lives.

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