Unlimited Vacation Days

I read this article today and, try as I might, just can’t seem to get it out of my head.  It’s about this company called Red Frog Events (ever heard of the Warrior Dash?  It appears they are the brains behind it…) and how their employees are allowed unlimited vacation days.


I mean…can you imagine?  Here I am spending every waking second trying to strategically plan ALL of my allotted vacation days for 2012 in order to have the most travel-filled year possible, and there are people out there getting unlimited amounts of vacation?!

After I read the article I was instantly reminded of a quote I saw on Pinterest awhile back.  It said, “taking time to live your life will only inspire your work.” Another bullseye.  I’ve found that I always produce my best work when I’m inspired by something.  This sort of model would be perfect for a person like me who finds travel to be one of the richest sources for inspiration out there.

In the article the author and founder of the company outlines several reasons as to why this approach works, but I have a few more.

1.  Technology.  Let’s face it, technology has made all of our jobs easier or more efficient in some way or another.  The beauty of technology in so many industries today is that it allows work to be done from just about anywhere in the world…as long there’s an internet connection.  Who says you have to be sitting at your desk in a dimly lit office for at least 8 consecutive hours in order to get your work done?

2. Time. In my eyes, a vacation is a vacation no matter if you take 1 day or 10.  It doesn’t matter if you go far or stay close to home.  It’s a time to explore and recharge, and, at least personally, it’s a time to become inspired by the extra exposure to new and exciting things.  Just because you give your employees unlimited vacation days doesn’t mean they are going to disappear for weeks on end.  It was only a year ago that I learned to master the “long weekend vacation.”  I literally packed a backpack and jetsetted to a different country or town virtually every weekend for about three months straight.  Oh, and I never missed a day of work in between my travels. I’m telling you, this sort of thing could work for us!

3. Trust.  It’s a two-way street.  It’s about having trust, and it’s about proving that you deserve it.  I think if more people were given the opportunity to prove they could be trusted, we’d be surprised by the outcome.

Now, let’s have every business adopt this ‘unlimited vacation days’ model so we can all become more inspired, relaxed and better workers, ok?

Also, so my weekends can go back to being full of this:

If you had unlimited vacation days this year, where would you go?

6 thoughts on “Unlimited Vacation Days

  1. Have you read the 4 Hour Work Week? I’m reading it now, and it’s EXACTLY about this… and how to make this happen! (Travel, work remotely, etc.) Please read it, if you haven’t already! Then, we can discuss 🙂 xx

  2. This would be sooo good! It also has me thinking of how in some European nations 35 hrs constitutes a full work week, yet people are able to get as much work done as they would in 40 hrs. I can see how this ‘extra’ time off would give you the mental break you need to be motivated when you’re at work.

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