A weekend jaunt [NOLA]

A weekend jaunt to New Orleans was just exactly what I needed.  Travel, something that had been a major theme for me during the first half of this year seemed practically nonexistent during the second half.  I was becoming restless, irritated.  The itch was definitely back…and after a long hiatus, it came with an urgent need to be taken care of.  So, to the Crescent City we went.

One of my favorite things about living in Europe was the ability to be transported to an entirely different culture, a different world after spending a mere three hours on a plane.  One minute you’re sipping a cafe con leche and the next you’re using hand gestures to order pierogies in Krakow.  I guess the same is true when you live in Middle America.  From my current locale, a three hour plane ride in any direction still yields an incredible amount of uncharted territory.  I guess I’ve never really thought about how much my own American culture varies from state to state.  Everything from the language to the fashion is subject to change, and change it does!  I mean, can you imagine walking into a restaurant in oh, say Billings, Montana and trying to order a fried oyster po-boy with a side of red beans and rice?  Or shrimp and grits?  Or a spicy, piping hot bowl of  auntie’s famous gumbo ya-ya?  After last weekend, I sure can’t!

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