Hey, Vacation’s Over.

I’ve realized there comes a time in your ‘post-travel life’ when the reality that your ‘travel life’ really is over finally sinks in.

I think it’s finally hitting me.  It’s a slow, painful type of realization.  Sort of like when you realize you left your phone in the backseat of a cab, or that you accidentally threw away something really important.

It’s the kind of realization where you are sitting at your desk and suddenly your brain is like OMG…No more hopping on a plane every weekend to travel to a different country.  No more drinking inappropriate amounts of whatever the local alcohol specialty is because you are “immersing yourself in the culture.”  No more getting a fat paycheck for 12 hours of “work” a week.  No more.  Hey, this is the “real world” now…welcome to it.

I think I’ve had this kind realization before.  Last time, I called it “graduation.”  This time, I guess it’s called “life.”

Well…I’ll drink to that.  Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Hey, Vacation’s Over.

  1. While it may not always be as exotic as your last year, cultural immersion can happen everywhere! ‘Tis the season to experience the “near” in “Near and Viajar”. I, for one, can’t wait to read about that, too!

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