Top 5 Travel Moments

Ten months + twelve countries later and I am officially two days away from being back in the USA.  The best part is that I’m not actually done traveling quite yet.  I decided to make a pit stop in NYC on my way home since I’ve never been there.  Apparently I can’t call myself American until I’ve seen the Big Apple….at least according to the look on almost every Spaniard’s face when I tell them I’ve never been to New York.  I’ll be meeting up with one of my best friends from college and my best friend from high school there and I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to end this experience.  It will be the best welcome back present ever, I’m pretty sure!

Just for kicks, I’ve been thinking of my favorite memories from this year and decided to make a list of my top 5 moments from the past 10 months.  I am sorry to see this chapter of my life come to an end…it was an incredible one, that’s for sure.


Waking up at 7am to spend the entire morning before our flight out from Budapest in an outdoor Hungarian bath house.


Drinking a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel Tower on a warm summer’s night.  I can’t tell if I like that idea or the fact that someone walked up to me and sold me the bottle right then and there better.  Ahh, I’m going to miss Europe.


Watching the beautiful sun sink below the horizon backed by the beat of bongo drums at Playa Benirras in Ibiza.  Then, just as the sun fell completely below, having the entire beach erupt into claps, whistles and cheers.


Taking camels into the Sahara Desert and camping under the zillions of stars with a local Berber tribe, then waking up in the morning and climbing the dunes to watch the sun rise.


Making new friends and lifelong travel partners.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Moments

  1. All that sounds so exciting! and I completely understand having to resettle into the non-traveling lifestyle. I just returned from a year long stint in South Korea, and already have the itch to leave again. I am planning to apply to teach in Spain next fall with the North American Language and Culture Assistant Program. Did you use this program or another?

    • I have a couple of friends teaching in South Korea and they love it! I can’t wait to get there one day 🙂 I went through a program called CIEE ( to teach in Spain–it’s a little pricey but no complaints overall. Good luck!

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