You Might Be Traveling If…

1.  You haven’t gotten a haircut in over six months.

2.  You dream in 2 or more languages on a regular basis.

3.  You can make an entire week’s worth of meals out of 5 euros.

4.  All of your clothes have holes in them.  All of them.

5.  You can sleep anywhere, under any circumstances.  Bus, train, plane, couch, chair, light on, music on, outside, on a bench…

6.  You no longer care about “making plans”, you just…go.

7.  You truly understand the meaning of the expression “The best things in life are free.”

8.  You no longer stress out about fitting ALL of your liquids into 3oz bottles and one tiny plastic bag.

9.  You know how to handle the unexpected.  Like when you accidentally get off the train at approximately midnight somewhere outside of Budapest and there is nobody who speaks English to help you.

10.  You never stop thinking about traveling.

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