Hostel Love

Now that my travels are nearly over I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of the best hostels I’ve stayed in this year. Generally speaking, I’ve never actually had a “bad” experience in a hostel.  All of them have been pretty good to me…with the exception of London maybe. Let’s just say that 16-bed dorms are not my style.  Now as a rule I tend to not book anything with more than 8 beds in a dorm…6 is ideal….4 is rare. Also, if there is a bar on site that’s usually a good sign.  And as for location…turns out it isn’t everything…don’t be lazy, exercise is a good thing.

Here goes!

1. Snuffle Backpacker Hostel.  [Brugge, Belgium]

Liked:  The friendly staff and the bar that was always filled with locals.  Cheapest beers in the city!

2. Mellow Eco Friendly Hostel.  [Barcelona, Spain]

Liked:  The eco-friendliness, cleanliness and overall atmosphere.  The staff took us out one night and showed us some really fun bars which was awesome.  Oh, and the giant paella.

3. Aventura Hostel.  [Budapest, Hungary]

Liked:  The proximity to the train station, the themed rooms, and the extra large trunks (instead of lockers) to put your stuff in.

4. Goodbye Lenin Hostel.  [Krakow, Poland]

Liked:  The staff, the bar, THE PRICE, the retro decor and the breakfast.
5. Wombats City Hostel.  [Vienna, Austria]

Liked:  The lounge area, private bathroom and fizzy vodka shots at the bar.

I’m definitely going to miss staying in hostels once I leave Europe.  They are all so unique and have so much character.  It’s always a surprise when you walk in…you literally never know what you’re going to get, or who you’re going to meet.  It makes me never want to go back to boring cookie cutter hotel rooms…gag.

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