A Quick Trip [Vienna]

In a perfect world, we would have spent more than 24 hours in Vienna.  In reality, that’s all the time we could spare so our trip was short, but oh, so sweet.

We could have packed our one precious day by spending a ridiculous amount of money on boring tourist attractions, but then we would have missed out on the best part of Vienna.  Well, it’s not the best part of only Vienna. It’s the best part of any city, really.  It’s the culture, of course!  The people, the language, the cafes…the vibes.  It’s a million things mixed together to create something beautiful…something unique…something truly…special. 

And so, we wandered through eclectic street markets, explored random neighborhoods, marveled at the classy architecture and did our best to soak up all that Vienna had to offer.

We did make a pit stop at the Freud Museum, which was quite interesting. 

 The museum is located in the actual apartment where Freud lived and consulted patients from 1891-1938.  It chronicles much of his life and work and was supplemented by tons of great photographs as well.

It really was a great day in Vienna.  So great in fact, we contemplated “missing” our return flight home, skipping work for the week and hanging around a few extra days before catching a flight out from Slovakia. Indeed, the plan was well thought out and could have been perfectly executed, but alas, my conscious got the best of me.  Damn those things, anyway. 

Yet, I wonder, what would Freud have done?

”Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”  -Sigmund Freud

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