On Becoming A “Mochilera” [Budapest]

I highly doubt I’m alone in this, but I tend to think A LOT while I am traveling.  Being in a place where everything is totally different from what you are used to has a way of putting things into perspective for a person.  I did a lot of thinking last weekend in Budapest.  The kind of thinking where you suddenly have these mind-blowing revelations about the world, yourself, life…  I think that’s the best part about traveling, really. 

I started to feel like a true traveler last weekend.  My backpack has seriously become a part of me and I have to say it’s an amazing feeling.  I’m savoring the moment because I can’t think of another time in my life where I will be 22, living in Spain, and the only weight on my shoulders is that of my backpack.  Wow, that sentence is both frightening and awesome at the same time…

Anyway, Budapest did NOT disappoint.  I wish I could spend more time in Eastern Europe because it is really fascinating to me.  There is so much history, although much of it is extremely heavy.  For example, we stumbled upon this WWII memorial along the Danube River.  The shoes represent the Jewish people that were lined up here, shot, and then dumped into the river.  As if the sight wasn’t heartbreaking enough, there were several pairs of baby shoes in the mix as well.

Not knowing what to expect in a foreign city can also hold happier surprises, thankfully, like this one in Erzsebet Square. 

Love locks!  When two people are in love, or sometimes after they get married, they write their names on a padlock, lock it up to this…thing, and throw away the key.  Super romantic, no?  In Sevilla you can see this on the bridges across the Guadalquivir River.  Naturally, the keys to those locks get thrown into the river where they will be washed away and never to be found again. *swoon*

The true highlight of the trip came on the last day when we visited the Szechenyi Thermal Bath.  There was honestly no better way to end our trip then by soaking our tired bodies in 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) of pure heaven.  If you do one thing in Budapest, go to a thermal bath.  Perferably this one.

Great trip, great company, great memories.

Up next,  my recap on Vienna!

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