Coffee and Goulash

It literally has not stopped raining in Malaga since I got back from Scotland on Monday.  I don’t know about you, but I just love sloshing around with wet socks and shoes all day…NOT! I find it funny that I spent an entire week in the UK, carrying my umbrella every day “just in case”,  and never saw so much as a sprinkle.  Then, I come back to the “Costa del Sol” and haven’t seen even a glimpse of sun in four days.  Really, Spain?  REALLY?!

Luckily, in a few hours I am leaving this…

for this!!!!


Woohoo!  This is perhaps my most anticipated trip…I still can’t believe I am actually going!  I seriously can’t wait to eat some real Hungarian goulash and drink coffee in Vienna.  Did you know that Vienna is the world’s coffee capital?!  Seriously, this trip is going to rock my world. 

My boots are drying via the world’s tiniest space heater, my Kindle (omgilovemyKindle!) is charging, and I am sooo ready to say adios to all of this rain! 

Have you ever been to Budapest or Vienna?  Tips, please!

See you next week!

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