Drink, Eat, Repeat. [Belgium]

Unknowingly, I picked the weekend before Valentine’s Day to go to the place that is famous worldwide for their chocolate…Belgium!

Of course, Belgium is famous for other things too….

the beer…

the waffles….

 the fries (omggg the FRIES!)….

Oh yeah, and the EU headquarters is also located there, but clearly my trip was more…uhmm…gastronomically focused, shall we say?

I went with my friends Amy and Joey- we spent Friday night and half of Saturday in Brussels meandering our way through the streets and eating/drinkng everything in sight.  We were pretty impressed but the Grand Place

And shared a laugh at the Mannekin Pis

And I was basically the only one out of the 3 of us that found this to be funny…

Just me?

On Saturday afternoon we took the train to Brugge, a beautifully romantic city in northern Belgium.  There, we stayed at what is perhaps my favorite hostel to date- the Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

The hostel had a ton of character, the cheapest beers in the city (!), friendly staff, and breakfast.  What more could one ask for?

Saturday night in Brugge was spent similarly to Friday night in Brussels.  A lot of walking, exploring, eating and drinking was involved 🙂

On Sunday we actually started acting like better tourists and did some tourist-y things (shocking, I know).

We saw the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which supposedly houses a relic which holds the blood of  Christ.  The relic was was being used for mass that day, so we didn’t actually see it, but I’ll take their word for it…

Next we did De Halve Maan brewery tour.  For 6 euros we got a guided tour of the 150 year old brewery, a spectacular view of the city, and a free beer at the end.  The tour was great and the beer was delicious.  I would definitely consider this a “must-see” if you ever find yourself in Brugge.

Before skipping town we also stopped by the Church of Our Lady which contains Michelangelo’s famous Madonna and Child.

Overall it was a great weekend trip although I think we were all pretty thankful to come back to what felt like tropcial temperatures after northern Europe’s signature cold, dreary days.

2 weeks of rest and then it’s off to London and Scotland!

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