How To Make Tortilla Española!

When you hear the word “tortilla” you probably picture something made from flour or corn and stuffed to the gills with beans, veggies and meat…right?  Wrong.  Welcome to Spain.

Tortilla Española has become a staple in my diet here.  Mostly because it’s cheap, delicious, and consistent.  As in, no matter where you order it, it will probably taste the same.  Literally translated, Spanish tortilla is something like an egg and potato omelette.  You can eat it hot, cold, by itself, on a sandwich, as a tapa, as a meal, or even at 4:30 AM when you get back from the bar.  Rest assured, it is deeeelicious no matter how you choose to eat it, or which state of mind you are in when you do. 🙂

I have been dying to make tortilla on my own for longer than I’d like to admit, but I’ve never attempted to do so for two reasons: 

1.  I can’t even make an “American” omelette (I seriously can’t…the flipping thing gets me every time and then I just scramble the damn thing and call it good).

2.  I’m more of a “learn by watching” rather than a “learn by doing” type of person.  What can I say, that’s just how I roll.

I decided it would be completely unacceptable of me to leave Spain without learning how to make a proper tortilla, so I did what any unknowing American living in a foreign country would do…I recruited a local… my Spanish roommate, Sara.

Ready to begin?  Here’s what you’ll need:


-Eggs  ( I used 3)

-Potatoes (I used about 4 teeny tiny ones)

-Onion (optional)

Now for the magic.  First, cut the potatoes into thin slices and then quarter the slices.  Next, fry the onions and potatoes in oil until they are soft.

When they are soft, remove the onions and potatoes from the oil and place them in a separate bowl.  After you have whisked the eggs, add the egg mixture to the potatoes.  Give everything a good stir so all the potatoes are coated with the eggs!

Similar to American omelettes, you NEED a good non-stick pan to do this properly.  Pour out most of the oil used for frying the potatoes so that only a couple of tablespoons remain in the pan.  Add the egg/potato mixture, press down with a spatula and let it cook on medium/low heat for about 10 minutes, or until the eggs are set.

Unless you have mad flipping skills, you’ll need to get a plate for the next part.  Place the plate over the skillet and flip the tortilla onto the plate. 

 Then slide the whole thing back into the pan to cook the other side.

When the eggs are cooked, it’s done! Weee!



Euro Trip!

If my credit card could talk it would probably be begging and pleading me for mercy. 

I have used that thing so much in the past 3 weeks that I have the number, expiration date, and security code memorized.  I mean, I can’t even remember my 4-digit PIN code, or my own parents’ cell phone numbers for crying out loud…what’s wrong with this picture?

The good news, however, is that I have basically already achieved my New Year’s Resolution.  Do you know how good it feels to achieve your NYR only 20 days into the new year?


 Maybe I picked a resolution that was too easy this year?  Or…maybe the secret to resolutions is picking something you actually want to do…rather than just something you think you should do.  All I have to say is that this is way better than the year I resolved to floss my teeth every day…

Ok, ok…time for the fun stuff.  ZE ITINERARY!

It is as follows:

February:  Belgium:  Brussels and Brugge

March:  England:  London

               Scotland:  Edinburgh and Glasgow

               Hungary:  Budapest

               Austria:  Vienna

April:  Netherlands:  Amsterdam

            Czech Republic:  Prague

            Poland:  Krakow and Auschwitz

May:  Germany:  Berlin (?)

June:  France:  Paris 

            USA:  New York City  (I’ve never been!)

Can you believe it?  I’m not even sure if *I* believe it!  The only trips that I haven’t booked yet are Paris and Berlin.  Like I said, my poor credit card needs a little break.  Paris will definitely happen, but I am still considering Berlin (and wondering what my budget will look like by then…).  Has anyone ever been to Berlin?  If so, thoughts?

My New Years Resolution

My time in Colorado came and went all too quickly. 

It was nice to be home with the people I loved for a little while, but now it’s back to my vida española.

Malaga greeted me with sunny skies, temperatures in the 60’s, and an odd feeling of familiarity.  It was almost like I left home to come…home?

Tomorrow I start work again- both at the elementary school as well as my private lessons.  I have to admit, I do miss seeing all of those smiling faces 🙂

As of now there are only a few things on my agenda and they are as follows:

1.  Find a different gym.  I’ve decided that the one I was going to before is too smelly.  Not only is the stench unbearable, but the entire place is lined with mirrors and it just isn’t working out for me.  I can’t bear to see myself running on the treadmill from THAT particular angle anymore.


 Ahh, it’s the most wonderful time of year in Spain if you ask me.  It’s time for the bi-annual MEGA SALE.  At the end of summer and (almost) end of winter, all of the stores in Spain have huge sales (rebajas) where you can snag some great deals.  All I have to say is…Mama needs a new pair of boots!

3.  Travel Planning.  I didn’t really make a new years resolution, but I suppose in 2011 I will resolve to travel more.  This will certainly be one resolution I won’t have trouble keeping 😉  Already on the agenda are London, Scotland, Amsterdam, and New York City.  I am anticipating Prague and Berlin in April, Paris in June, and am really hoping to squeeze Budapest in there somewhere.  I can’t wait to get my travel on!

Ciao for now!