Morocco in 500 words or less

Ok, let’s talk take a look at Morocco.

I just spent 6 days exploring Rabat, Fes, Assilah, and best of all, the Sahara Desert.  I rode camels and 4×4 jeeps through the Sahara, slept under billions of stars, toured probably only a handful of the 9,000+ streets in the Medina of Fes, feasted on cous cous, laughed so hard it hurt, pondered life, haggled for prices and enjoyed a truly memorable trip with some great friends.

Maybe I’m feeling a bit lazy, but mostly I just don’t think it would be right to sit here and blab about all the things I did and saw last week.  Instead, how about I take you on a tour de photos?

Below is the Hassan Tower in Rabat.  The minaret was actually never completed and only reached about half of its intended height.  The columns you see are the beginnings of the mosque that was planned to accompany the tower.  All construction was stopped on this sight in 1199 when the Sultan Yacoub al-Mansour died.

Pit stop to feed wild monkeys!

Gateway to the Sahara…

Life in the Sahara

What you see above is the irrigation system for the small town we toured in the Sahara Desert (see previous post).  Each family had a certain section of land in which to grow their crops, and specific days in which the water flowed to their section.  When their “turn” was up, they would use mud to block the ends of the canals and the water would flow to a different section of the oasis.

Camel excursion into the dunes where we camped under the stars for a night!

On our way to Fes

The Medina of Fes

The tannery…the worst smell I have ever smelled.

One of the many mosques


While these photos don’t even begin to describe my experience travelling through Morocco, I think they provide more perspective than I could probably articulate right about now.  Morocco is, after all,  one of those places you really should see for yourself and interpret through your own eyes, thoughts, and feelings.  If you do go- be sure to pack lots of Pepto Bismol and extra TP…you’ll need it.

In exactly a week from today I will officially  be HOME for the holidays!  I’ll be spending 3 weeks in Colorado with all of my favorite people and I couldn’t possibly be more excited.  For now, I’m just trying not to think about the night I have to spend in the airport, 3 flights, and 14 hours at cruising altitude it’s going to take me to get there…



2 thoughts on “Morocco in 500 words or less

  1. I did the 6-day tour through Morocco in 09 while studying abroad. The staff at Discover Sevilla was super helpful! The town in the desert was my favorite part; it definitely made me realize how lucky I am to have what I have. The food was delicious, but Peptobismal would have really been helpful… I definitely should have thought about that beforehand… Anyway, the background on my computer is from Assila! I am applying for the auxiliares de conversacion program for 2011-2012, and reading your blog has been very useful and helpful. I hope I get accepted!

    • Hi Chelsey!

      I’m happy to hear you also had a great time on this trip. It was simply unforgettable! Best of luck on becoming an auxiliare for next year! It really is a fantastic experience 🙂

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