My new diet and YOUR best gift ever!

After spending nearly a week in Morocco, I’m back in Spain with a new rug, some amazing  spices, an even greater appreciation for the things I’ve been blessed with in life, and oh yeah,  a new diet!  My new diet consists of Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast, *cough cough*…catch my drift?  Just the price you gotta pay sometimes to be a world traveller I suppose…

Anyway, look forward to a full recap in the coming days but first I have to give a huge shout out to my friends at Discover Sevilla for being such amazing tour guides.  This was my second trip with this company and I HIGHLY recommend them.  Remember when I went to Lagos, Portugal?  I also travelled with these guys and it was seriously one of the best trips I’ve been on- non. stop. FUN.  Also, since it is the season of giving, you  may want to check out their smokin’ hot calendar.  All the proceeds go to buying school supplies and clothes for these kids:

Photo by Sarah Willbergh

Who live in this town in the Sahara Desert:

Photo by Sarah Willbergh

Just think of all the people you can benefit with just ONE gift.  The lucky girl (or guy?) on your holiday shopping list, plus all these children (and many more) who don’t know the luxury of having pencils and paper.

Oh yeah, and since when did having pencils and paper become a luxury?

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