A Very Spanish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Spain was, on all accounts, a complete success.  Truth is, I had my doubts, but somehow it all came together and I am pretty sure I celebrated one of my most memorable Thanksgivings…ever?

It started off with a small celebration at my school.  An important part of my job here is not only helping the kiddos learn the English language, but teaching them important aspects of the American culture as well.  Hence, we spent the week making turkey hands, learning the story of the first Thanksgiving, and arguing about whether or not a pie made from pumpkin can ACTUALLY be delicious.  Alas, they are still not convinced. :/

My co-worker Carolyn and I spent the day making treats which, by some miracle, actually turned out decently.  Looking back, I have to say it was quite funny to see us stumped over the conversions between Fahrenheit and Celsius, cups to milliliters, and so on.  In the end we just started eye ballin’ it and were thankful our food ended up being edible.

My favorite Thanksgiving celebration arrived in true Spanish fashion….late. I went with a couple of friends from Malaga to celebrate with a friend (Caitlin) in Almuñecar, a town about an hour away by car.  There, we met up with some of Caitlin’s friends and co-workers and proceeded to celebrate one of the coolest Thanksgivings I’ve ever experienced.  Allow me to highlight some of the main differences between an American Thanksgiving and a Spanish one:

We celebrated on Friday instead of Thursday.

We feasted at the “Spanish hour”… 10 PM!

The turkey was uh…fresh.  As in it needed to be PLUCKED.  True story.  (Thanks Caitlin!)

Not one person in the room was related, in fact, half were complete strangers.

Dinner conversation was in Spanish, not English.

The combined price of the 10+ bottles of delicious Spanish wine we drank was probably still cheaper than the cost of 1 of these bottles in the USA.

Nobody knew how to carve a turkey.

In all seriousness, it was a fabulous celebration and it reminded me that while traditionally this holiday does center around family, that term doesn’t always have to mean the people who you share a blood line with.  Sometimes, when your family is what seems like a million miles away, other people (even strangers!) can step in and fill the void.  ❤

In other news, I am leaving for MOROCCO in 2 days!  I will be spending 6 days touring Fez, Rabat, and the Sahara Desert.  “Excited” doesn’t even begin to describe the way I am feeling right now. Expect a full report upon my return!


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