On Sunday my Friend Amy and I hopped on a bus to Nerja, another coastal town about 56 kilometers east of Malaga.  Sunday is basically the worst day to travel anywhere in Spain since just about everything is closed, but luckily (?) there isn’t much to see in Nerja and we wanted the chance to do something different for the day so we went for it.

It seems to me Nerja is much more lively during the summer.  The beaches in Nerja are beautiful, and for such a small town, I was quite surprised by the number of hostels I saw…there was probably one on every block!  I imagine that during July and August these hostels are brimming with young travellers making their rounds up the Costa del Sol…is it bad that I already miss summer?

If you come to Nerja during the off-season, there are basically three things for you to enjoy; La Cueva de Nerja, eating, and el Balcón de Europa.  Of course, like the good tourists we are, we did just that.

First, La Cueva de Nerja.  About 3 km north of the city center lies the ancient (we’re talking 5 million years old) cave of Nerja.  While the cave is quite impressive, I am not sure it was worth the €8.50 admission fee…my roundtrip bus fare didn’t even cost that much!  Since flash photography is not allowed inside the cave, here are some of the best photos I could capture:

After the cave we found a cheap spot for lunch and then rounded out our trip with a visit to el Balcón de Europa- a popular lookout point and perhaps the city’s second most popular tourist attraction.

Followed by a siesta on the bus we were home by about 6 pm which left us plenty of time to gear up for the week of teaching ahead.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only 2 days away!  So far the kids both in school and my private lessons seem a little confused by the holiday…I am going to do my best to sell them on the idea of pumpkin pie, although I don’t think it’s going to work.  While the thought of missing out on turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing this year is a bit depressing, I still have so much to be thankful for.   Most importantly, I am thankful for my support network- my family, my boyfriend, and my friends.  These people have helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine and I don’t know where I would be without them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and can someone please eat approximately 5 bowls of mashed potatoes and cold pumpkin pie for breakfast in my honor?  🙂

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