48 Hours in Malaga

Last weekend my best friend’s sister, Alissa,  and her flat mate, Karrie, came to visit me.  They are both going to vet school right now in Scotland and since neither of them had been to Spain or mainland Europe before it was the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway!

Even though we were crunched on time, I made it my duty to show the girls as much of Malaga and Spanish culture as I could.  Basically this means we did a LOT of eating. 😉

If you are ever travelling through Spain and only have 48 hours to spend in one city…Malaga would be a perfect choice!  Here’s what our itinerary looked like:


Friends arrive at 3pm.

Catching up and conversation over a long, leisurely lunch

Watch the sunset from my rooftop

Tapas y vino at Pepa y Pepe

I wanted the girls to try a lot of typical Spanish tapas, so we ordered a little bit of everything.  Tortilla Española, patatas bravas, albóndigas, calamares, croquettas, champiñones…the list goes on.

(PS:  pay attention to the sign…it’s hilarious)




Typical Spanish breakfast of churros con chocolate

Visit to El Mercado de Atarazanas

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE food markets.  They are so interesting to me, I love to just walk around, people watch, and talk to the vendors!

Visit to El Museo de Picasso

Did you know Picasso was born in Malaga?  It is perhaps this city’s biggest claim to fame.  I am, however, largely disappointed by the museum here.  There is also a Picasso museum in Barcelona, where the painter spent much of his life, and in my opinion it is much better.  Still, the museum in Malaga seems like a “must-see”, so of course, we paid our respects.

Visit to La Casa Natal de Picasso (the house Picasso was born in!)

Thankfully this is free for students (otherwise I think it costs somewhere around 1 euro), because it is also quite disappointing and unimpressive. Meh…

Visit to La Plaza de Toros

It’s no secret that the Spanish love their bullfights!  The girls wanted to see what the inside of a Spanish bullring looked like so I took them to the Plaza de Toros and told them everything I knew about bullfights!  I’m no expert but I did attend one in Madrid two years ago…glad I crossed it off my list because I have no desire to ever see one again.

Paella lunch

Siesta on the beach in La Malagueta

Tapas y sangria at La Taberna Restaurante Dos Gatos

Clubbing until 5 am….


Climb to the top of one of Malaga’s most famous look out points

12 pm: friends leave.

In all it was a fabulous weekend!  I loved playing tour guide, and being able to see a familiar face was just what the doctor ordered.  I can’t wait for my turn when I get to visit Alissa and Karrie in Scotland!

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