Missing in Action

Hello all!

I am so sorry I have been MIA recently.  I currently do not have access to internet in my apartment so blogging is pretty much out of the question.  A lot has changed in the past few weeks though, so I’ll give you a quick update:

On September 25th I left Sevilla to move to my teaching destination, Malaga.  I spent my first 5 nights in Malaga in a hotel, frantically searching for a place to live.  I visited all sorts of apartments before finding the perfect fit.  One of the most “memorable” places had 6 bedrooms, 1 tiny and horribly dirty bathroom, and 1 kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes. I wasn’t asking for much more than a bed to sleep in and roof over my head during my apartment search, but I just can’t handle dirty dishes or bathrooms.  Gross.

At last I found a place that met my criteria: A bed to sleep in, Spanish speaking roommates (2 girls), and close proximity to the city center.  Our apartment is located on the top floor of our building and has views of the entire city of Malaga.  So, while we are completely disconnected from the outside world in terms of phone and internet, we do have the pleasure  of enjoying beautiful views each day….like this one from my bedroom window-

Just a teaser- the next post will have pics of the inside of our pad 🙂

I’ve also started teaching at my school.  I work 12 hours a week- Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  I am assisting all kinds of classes with ages ranging from 5 to 10 years old.  I will be teaching Art, Science and P.E.

In addition to teaching in the mornings, I’ve also found another part time job to fill my evenings; giving private English lessons for another 12 hours a week, Monday-Thursday.  So far, my private lessons have been a great experience and I am really enjoying them!  The kids are great and I am so happy to be working for such a nice family.

Needless to say, between apartment hunting, exploring my new city, private lessons, and my “real” job, I’ve been pretty busy since arriving in Malaga!

I promise to be a better blogger once I am re-connected with the world.  Hasta luego!

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