1 week down…40 to go

Naturally, there are about a million things running through my head after one week of being in Sevilla.  Luckily, since this is my third time in Spain I am not dealing with frustration from things like culture shock or language barriers, but I am dealing with a different sort of shock.  I seem to have one recurring thought spiraling through my head each day:

This is not a vacation.

No, this is and will continue to be my life for the next 9 or 10 months.  Admittedly, the last week has felt somewhat like a vacation as it will filled with orientation sessions, guided  tours, and a stay in a swanky hotel, but on Friday I moved into my home stay where I will be living for the next four weeks and reality is slowly starting to settle in.

After talking to some other program participants I actually feel quite lucky in regards to my living situation.  Myself and another girl from the program are placed in a quiet apartment in a great location with two fantastic people.  We are living with a young couple who are probably somewhere in their 30s and we communicate entirely in Spanish.  Compare this to living with a 60+ year old woman and her husband whose daily activities include sitting shirtless on the couch and chain smoking cigarette after cigarette after cigarette…ew.  Oh, we also live with this little cutie-

Her name is Pantera (pahn-tehr-a) which in English means “panther”.  Ana, the lady we live with actually found her in the trash on the street last week.  Can you believe someone could throw this cute little kitty away?  In reality, the situation is all too common not only in Spain but in many other countries around the world.  We live near a popular plaza and every night I see the same starved dogs running around searching for food.  It’s pretty sad, but I’m happy that Pantera was lucky enough to find a loving home.

Tomorrow I start my Spanish classes at Clic, a well known language academy here in Sevilla.

I will be attending class 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for the next month.  Other things on my to-do list this week include buying a Spanish cell phone and visiting a few museums I have yet to see.  I don’t exactly have an internet connection in my apartment which will make blogging kind of hard, but I’ll figure something out and be sure to keep everyone updated.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures to recap the week- and if you can’t tell from the pictures of the flamenco show, it’s been hot here.  Like 100-110 degrees hot…oh, and no air conditioning either.  I now understand why the Spanish take a full month of vacation in August to go to the beach…

View from hotel balcony

Tapas at the hotel

La Giralda

Flamenco Show

One thought on “1 week down…40 to go

  1. Chach Face appreciates the picture of Pantera. He says hello and that he misses you, but he’s glad you have a new animal friend!

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