The Consulate- Part II

Woo!  I got my passport back with my visa firmly affixed on the inside!  The trip to Chicago was possibly the shortest trip I’ve ever taken- I drove there and back in less than  24 hours!

Helloooooooo Consulate!

Since the Chicago trip I had my last day of work, packed my apartment, and moved all my belongings home to Colorado.  The last week has definitely been a whirlwind, but I’m happy to be home and have the next few days to catch my breath before things start to get even more eventful.

Ahh, it’s good to be home…

Beautiful, humidity free weather, clean, fresh air, altitude headaches….oh, and the smells!  It sounds weird, but I always notice the way ‘Rado smells. It’s like a mixture between fresh, crisp air, pine trees, and wildflowers…I’m tellin ya, there’s nothing quite like it!

For your personal amusement I’ve decided to include a few pictures regarding my packing situation.  Here is what I plan to fit everything I’ll need for the next 10+ months in:

That would be (1) carry-on sized roller suitcase, and (1) small backpacking backpack. I tried to get the medium sized backpack, but the only size that properly fit my pint sized frame was the small…TYPICAL!

For further amusement, let’s do a little comparison here:

See the one on the left?  When I studied in Spain a couple of years ago for only FIVE months, I brought that baby AND another suitcase that was the same size along with me.  Not to mention whatever ridiculous sized item I had for a carry-on.

Are you laughing yet?  Hey, you live and you learn, right?!  Needless to say, I had a hell of a time trying to lug around 2 suitcases that were almost bigger than I was last time.  Lesson learned.  This time around, I’d much rather sacrifice space for my sanity.

T- 6 days and counting…

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