Des Moines or Bust!

I can’t believe I am leaving Des Moines in a week! I feel like I’ve totally made a life for myself here and now I’m just going to pick up and leave it all behind.   In reality, it’s not like this is the first (or last!) time I’ll be leaving a place I got used to calling “home”, but as I start to pack up my beloved apartment and say good-bye to my friends and everything I’ve known for the last four years, I can’t help but get just a little sentimental!  In honor of my departure, I’ll leave you with a round-up of some of my favorite things about Des Moines..

1.  Drake University

Let’s face it, without Drake I would have never, NEVER come to Des Moines, let alone stay for four years.  When they say college will be the best years of your life they aren’t kidding! While my education may have cost a pretty penny (thanks, Dad!), the friends, memories, and connections I’ve made here really are priceless.  Drake will always hold a special place in my heart.

2.  The Downtown Farmer’s Market

Mmmmmm.  I love food.  I love food even more when I’m buying it off the street or from the back of someone’s truck.  Seriously.

3.  The East Village/Capital

Does Des Moines have one gorgeous capital building or what?!  The East Village, along with the rest of the Des Moines for that matter has undergone a tremendous transformation in the years that I’ve lived here.  This historic district went from being dead, deserted, and forgotten to being a thriving cultural center where you can find everything from fine dining to coffee shops, thrift stores to boutiques, and gay bars to dive bars.  Long live the EV!

4.  Downtown

What can I say, I’m a city girl.  I’ll make do with what I have….even if it means having just one lonely skyscraper…

5.  4th Street

Ok so technically this is part of Downtown, but it’s hands down my absolute favorite place to be.  So many memories here.  From concerts to burlesque shows, martini nights, tattoo excursions, $2 cans of PBR, and last but not least, Fong’s!  Oh how I will miss slathering Siracha on slices of pizza that are bigger than my face at 2 am…

So there it is.  Just a few of the things I’ve learned to love about Des Moines.

Good-bye corn!

PS-  I got some GREAT news today!  My visa is ready to be picked up in Chicago!  Stay tuned, I’ll be heading to the Windy City next week!

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